Redcliffe Hospital Urology Department fun run was conducted on Sunday, 19th September 2021 and was very successfully with about 86 runners and walkers from Metro North, Rotary and individual teams and 18 of our members manned the three drink stations at Woody Point Jetty, Margate and Redcliffe Jetty. Most drinks were consumed at the finish where participants needed more than one. Thanks must go to Dr Reece Phillips who organised the run and the stirling efforts of our media officer John Dowling. These guys arranged all the raffles and the MyCause funding as well as media editorials. Thanks is also necessary to the group members who volunteered to be marshalls very early in the morning at 6am (Peter Ham and Peter Wilson, Joy, Garry, Ian, Penny, John, Greame, Lindley, Marnee, Tim, Jacquie, Rosalyn, Larry, Lindley, Keith and Fred).

Well it’s on again for 7th August 2022 and the format will be similar. We’ve already got Genesis Cancer Care and Mundipharma as key sponsors but there’s more work to be done.


There’s been a big change with our meetings in that we have had to change our meeting room and we now must meet on the 1st floor on the 2nd THURSDAY of the month instead of Tuesday but at the same time at 6pm. YMCA is trying to recover costs so we now have to pay for the room.

This venue was brand new in 2020 and our entrance is at the car park in Linear Drive, Mango Hill. It’s presently the tallest building in Mango Hill.

We’ve been operating out of the new venue since October 2020 and these meetings have been very succesful with between 35 and 45 men and partners attending most events. Since then we’ve since had talks on immunotherapy, decision making, radiation, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer nurses, mindfulness, penile implants, the latest treatments, hearing and podiatry. Our December meeting for 2021 was a very informal gathering with music by Geordie and a stack of great food and drinks from Joy and her team.

While we had our first annual general meeting in September 2021, we are continuing with our second on the 8th September 2022. Once again any consitutional changes will be discussed as well the election of officers for our management committee.

As always, our aim to be practicing ethically and to retain ACNC and ATO registration.

While the Covid restrictions of self distancing and the vaccination mandate are no longer required, members will be advised of any changes as the pandemic will likely be with us for some time yet. It’s not a choice by our committee but such demands are set down by The Y and Government requirements.



Our last Bunnings sausage sizzle at North Lakes was in late 2020 and we have not had one since as COVID imposes restrictions. Fortunately, our fun runs have attracted sufficient funds for us to continue our activities with these. We continue to utilse the Square Card payment facility that was developed for us thanks to Ian Millard.

The Redcliffe Hospital Fun Runs together associated raffles have assisted in the procurement of new business cards and new brochures to show our new venue and contact details. We now have to pay for our venue tenancy and we have made several donations to worthy causes such as RBWH Foundation, Beyond Blue and the Black Dog Institute.


We now have a good group of committee members with a new leader in Tim McNickle as founding leader stepped down after nine and a half years. Peter Ham remains as Co-Leader and Treasurer while Tim is also carrying out Speaker Acquisition and Welfare. Our succession planning continues to improve. On the contacts page you’ll see that we now have one phone number and one email address as part of this planning. An operational procedures manual has been developed so that all committee members understand what is required for various group activities.


Group committee comprises Tim McNickle as Leader, Peter Ham Co-Leader), Joy Ham (Social Event Leader) and Larry Hamilton (Special Events) .

Other committe members include, Brian Stegman (Induction Officer & Mail Organiser), Garry Dingley (Induction Officer & gift card organiser), Lindley Deslandes (Induction Officer), Penny Millard (Ladies Induction Officer), Keith & Joan Penman (Group Apparel Acquisition) and Jenny Gehrke (Minute Secretary).

Fred Travis is continuing to supply the newsletter and updating of the membership database while John Dowling is assisting with media activity as organising of the fun run

We’ve had a total of 25 new active members since October 2020 meaning that our induction officers have been busy at meetings. Joy Ham offered to help Penny Millard when more than one new lady partner turns up. We are also planning to develope a Buddy System which will enable new members to get useful information especially when our meeting talks are not cancer related.