Being aware may help you survive.
Help is at hand. You are not alone.
Get tested. Waiting for symptoms may be too late.

Prostate Fact #1In Australia, prostate cancer is the most
commonly diagnosed cancer in men.

Prostate Fact #2Approximately 3,500 Australian men
die of prostate cancer each year.

Prostate Fact #3More men die of prostate cancer than
women die of breast cancer.

Who is the Moreton Bay Regional Prostate Cancer Support Group?
  • The Moreton Bay Regional Prostate Cancer Support Group is one of 30 similar voluntary groups in Queensland and 170 groups across Australia.
  • We are affiliated with the national body, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).
  • The Group provides support to men from a wide area from Caboolture & Bribie to Brisbane’s Northern suburbs and from Redcliffe to Mt Glorious. It also includes many partners.
  • Our role is support and education and while we do that very well we cannot give specific medical advice although we have a lot of positive experiences to share. Members also have the opportunity to speak to the specialist speakers.
  • Meetings are attended by men coping with recent diagnosis, those who have had various forms of treatment, men living with prostate cancer and even men who have been cured.
  • Partners and family members are very welcome to attend meetings since they are an integral part of a man’s journey.
  • There is no formal membership and no obligation to attend every meeting. Come to meetings as often as you wish. There is no cost to attend although we seek a gold coin donation to help with meeting costs.
  • A monthly news sheet is sent to all members and advises of coming meetings as well as various medical and topical news and social events.
  • Members are able to enjoy the social side of the group and help dispel the depression that is often associated with treatment.
  • We have morning teas, lunches, picnics and excursions where we enjoy ourselves and forget our problems
  • Our meetings give the opportunity to discuss individual experiences, problems & achievements and to have discussions with our speakers
  • We know that following a diagnosis of prostate cancer, men and their families are faced with daunting decisions about their next step.
  • This is when our group can help with empathy, and giving you the opportunity to talk with members who have had different forms of treatment.
  • We find that other men will readily share their experiences to help you make the important decisions. You even have the opportunity to talk to the specialist speakers at meetings.
  • We can provide contact details to enable you to talk by phone with men who have had specific treatments.
  • Guest speakers, including health professionals, keep us up to date with the services available, treatment options, and other aspects of living with prostate cancer and ageing issues.
  • At our meetings we have a wide range of free information on various aspects of prostate cancer as well as a specialised list of relevant publications and DVDs available from various sources.